BST Chain

BST Chain Coin (BST Coin)

BST Chain Coin (BST Coin) is the backbone of our blockchain, ensuring seamless
transactions. As the native currency, it powers the network, guaranteeing security and
efficiency. Embrace the future of decentralized transactions with BST—the key to unlocking
the full potential of our blockchain ecosystem.

Token Details

Coin Type:

  • BST Chain is a layer 1 hybrid blockchain based on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for smooth and fast transaction of physical and digital transformation. On this chain any one can deploy BST-20 Tokens on the POA consensus. This standard ensures compatibility with various decentralized applications (dApps) and exchanges within the BSTecosystem.

Total Supply:

  • The total supply of BST is capped at 7.86B tokens, fostering scarcity and intrinsic value.

Use Cases:

  • Sapphire Trust: Utilize BST for the traceability and authenticity of blue sapphire.

  • Trace Guard: BST ensures supply chain transparency, guarding against fraud and counterfeiting.

  • Vote Power: Harness the governance potential of BST in the BST Chain.

Token Distribution

Token Sale

40% of the total supply will be allocated for the Token Sale.

Team and Advisors

20% will be allocated for the Tokematic team and advisors, subject to vesting periods to align incentives with long-term success.

Community & Ecosystem

30% will be reserved for community development, partnerships, and ecosystem growth.


10% will be held in reserve for future developments, strategic initiatives, and unforeseen circumstances.

Join BST Chain, Assurance for Blue Sapphire Safety

Experience secure blue sapphire transactions on the BST Chain. Join us for a transparent, trustworthy journey.